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Who Are We?

StockMyPantry is an online supermarket situated in Preston, Lancashire. We stock a wide range of products and we’re committed to providing the highest standard of customer service.

We started running our service during the lockdown in 2020. We wanted to provide a safe solution to supermarket shopping; so we set out on our mission to bring the our locals their favourite brands at comparable prices, whilst offering a unique, safe and personalised service that is incomparable to other supermarkets.

We started out providing our service within our local area. We completed a comfortable amount of deliveries within Preston, proving our operation to be very successful. During this brief time, we learnt and adapted and as a result we shaped into the brand that we now are.

After the short but successful endeavour, we started thinking about how we were going to offer our service to those out of reach of our delivery van; and with several problems to try and tackle, it took a good amount of consideration. We were determined to maintain the same high standards we have demonstrated locally. We will soon be able to accept nationwide orders!

Our Core Values


With COVID-19 still very present, we knew that we had to prioritise the safety of our customers and our team. Equipped with a warehouse more than large enough to maintain safe social distancing, paired with regular cleanliness routines – we could ensure our staff were kept safe. In order to keep our customers safe, we delivered training to all staff regardless of their role which kept them well informed on COVID safety procedures.

Unique & Personalised

We are committed to providing the best service to everyone. We source all of our stock daily so that you never have to worry about receiving an item with a short expiry date. We expect each order to be accurate, free from damage and generally well looked after by our staff.


With safety at the top of our priorities, quality is also something we consider to be very important. By trialling several methods, we found that the most effective way to host the high standards would be to follow 2 simple rules:

  • By stocking our fresh items daily, with a well calculated stock level – We maintain a minimum waste policy whilst making certain all of our orders are fulfilled same day.
  • 3-stage checking process – With stock checked on arrival to our warehouse, again when items are picked for an order, and a final time when an order is packed for delivery. This guarantees that all products leave our facility in tip top condition.

Operating out of one facility also allows us to accurately monitor and effectively maintain our high standards which represent us.

Our Staff love what they do

We find that as a business with a small team, we can look after each and every member of our StockMyPantry family. With regular training and recognition, our staff are more than comfortable in their role whichever station they’re at. They are just as devoted to making sure you receive a great experience.

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